About Us

Professional Packaging Services is an integrated packaging solution provider and a market leader in UAE. As a one-stop packaging solution, we offer professional services such as Wrapping, Stickering, Barcoding, Date Coding and Re-packaging solutions, We offering Transportation, Logistics, Warehousing, and Supplying services as well.

Professional Packaging Services is a self-owned and efficient fleet, consisting of both heavy truck and light delivery vehicles ensuring that your products delivered on time to your desired locations. With our packaging division firmly set up, we are focusing on expanding our Logistics and Supply Chain business.

We work with customers around the world, Professional Packaging Services built a reputation for delivering the highest levels of quality, technology, and service to manufacturers of soft drinks, food & beverages, diary products, chocolates, snacks, detergents, and a variety of non-food products. From basic bags to specialty pouches, thermoforming films that fit your needs to lidding films that seal in success, Professional Packaging Services has the solutions to all your flexible packaging needs.

  • Local and international partners
  • Wide range of packaging solutions
  • Strong Management Team
  • Advanced packing machines
  • Highly skilled workforce
  • Know how packaging solutions

We Care

Professional Packaging Services understand the customers’ requirements, as well as the regulatory requirements for each of the markets we serve. We also recognize that customer satisfaction as a key pint to improve our business. One of our top priorities is to ensure...

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Warehouse & Storage

Professional Packaging Services offers a range of storage, receiving, and warehousing solutions to support your business, for packaging products gets from the factory to your desired location. With three regional distribution centers strategically placed across the UAE, Professional Packaging Services offers easy...

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Wrapping & Packaging

Professional Packaging Services offers efficient Wrapping and Packaging services that are perfect for industrial packaging. The company is always keeping large stock of packing materials to be used for packing delicate, expensive, small or large items. For wrapping, the packers are given...

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